There are many avenues for sport in the area, water based sports like Snorkeling & Scuba Diving, along with deep sea fishing and sailing. Land based sports include mountain biking, walking and hiking. Not so good but possible are windsurfing and sunfish sailing, we tend to be in the lee of the island and so wind is generally poor. Golf, tennis, banana rides, para sailing, water skiing, wake boarding, ziplining & Kite boarding are also available on island.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving around Soufriere is superb, there is a great diving facility at Anse Chastanet and the reef just off the beach is one of the best walk-in dives I have ever done. Then there are reefs at the base of the Gros & Petit Pitons & along most of the cliffs from Anse Chastanet to Soufriere. This coupled with the reefs and Wreck in Anse Couchon make for some very varied diving. The corals are very diverse and whilst we do not get an overabundance of large fish we do have a very wide range of small species. more...


The snorkeling off both ends of Anse Chastanet is very, very good the water is shallow enough and the marine life abundant, there is also some more advanced snorkeling in the centre of Anse Chastanet that is well worth doing. Also worth a look is Trou Diable and Malgre Toute at the end of the beach closest to the Petit Piton

Mountain Biking

Can be found in Anse Mamin and is booked through Anse Chastanet, they have very good Cannondale equipment and the trails through the Anse Mamin Valley are great and range from very easy to world class.


There are numerous walks & hikes in the area. Some like the En Bas Saute trail in the rainforest require you to have a guide. Others like the Gros & Petit Pitons you are required and need a guide. Canaries also has very good walking up the valley. In the area around the Villa there are numerous trails to explore, they are farmers trails, minimally maintained and best done in the dry season as they sometimes tend to be overgrown in the wet season.

Windsurfing/Sunfish Sailing

Are both available in the area, but as mentioned the wind is often light. For the serious wind surfer the areas at Cas En Bas in the North and Maria Islands in the South are the places to be. Kite boarding is also now becoming popular in these two areas.

Day Sailing

To take a day sailor out on your own you would have to contact one of the larger rental agencies like DSL. It is also possible to take a day sail with skipper, this could be arranged through Anse Chastanet or other Tour operators

Deep Sea Fishing

Good Deep Sea Fishing can be had in the area, Mystic Man Tours from the Soufriere area is a good starting point, Bigger boats can be arranged through the Hackshaws.