Shopping in Soufriere is limited and can be split into two categories, day to day & touristic. In the north, (Castries & Rodney Bay) there is more.

Day to Day

There are a number of supermarkets. They are all small but they do have the basics. Most are centered around the Town square, but the best, Erolines Foods is on Church street near the square
There is a morning market at the Fishing Complex except on Sundays.
Fresh fish can be found by the call of the Conch being blown, it's best to let Berthia help here are timings are erratic.
There are 3 gas stations and a number of hardware stores.
On Bridge street there is a bank with ATM, There is another bank on the wtaerfront with ATM, they close at 2 pm every day except Friday when they close at 5 pm.
There are also 2 pharmacies, one on Bridge street, the other near the square


There are a number of shops catering to the Tourist along the waterfront. Other than that there are the boutiques at the various hotels.

In The North

There are 2 Duty Free areas in Castries, La Place Carenage on the waterfront in Castries itself, & Point Seraphine across the harbor in Vigie. Both have numerous duty free shops and there is a water taxi that crosses between them.
Gablewoods Mall, JQ Mall & Baywalk have duty free shopping along with the Rodney Bay area in general.
In all cases your ticket and passport will be needed to make a Duty Free purchase.