Soufriere is very much the centre of Saint Lucia with regard to hot spots, none hotter than the Sulphur Springs, our own "Drive In volcano". Then there is the Botanic Gardens with the natural hot mineral baths. Walking in the rainforest will keep your pulse up, especially if you spot an Amazona versicolor, the Saint Lucian Parrot. This of course is only the start, there are estates to visit, beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much much more.

The Town

This is a small town that was once the capital of the island. Much was burned in a fire but there are still some of the original colonial buildings to be seen, especially on the Southern end of the town.
The water front is lovely, with a boardwalk along the waters edge. There are a number of small supermarkets and other shops that cater to your day to day needs, along with several touristic shops.

Sulphur Springs

The bubbling cauldrons and ever present smell of sulphur make this an unforgettable experience, remember to also visit the interpretation centre.

Botanic Gardens & Diamond Waterfall

These are very beautiful gardens to walk through, at the farthest extent of the gardens you will find the Diamond Waterfall, heavily coloured by the minerals in the water it glows orange. There are also the mineral baths, the cooler outdoor baths are great for relaxing, but for the true experience try the "Old" baths, you have to ask for the key. Just two side by side baths lead directly off the spring. Best visited outside the 10am to 2pm rush hour.


In the rainforest, near Fond St. Jaques is the trail to the
En Bas Saute waterfall. A good walk with lots of steps, this is well worth doing.
In the Canaries valley there is a trail that also leads to a waterfall, this is a spectacular walk, shorter than the En Bas Saute trail but running though a fantastic valley. You will need a 4 x 4 to get to the start of this one.

Gros & Petit Pitons

The Gros Piton Trail starts near Choiseul, it's quite long and hard work, only for the fit. the views however are incredible, and well worth the effort.
Not strictly allowed it is also possible to get a guide to take you up The Petit Piton, harder again but with even more spectacular views once from the top.

Fond Doux Estate & Heritage Site (Link)

A 19th century colonial plantation hotel set in lush, tropical foliage. The French colonial estate house overlooks lush green gardens and original colonial cocoa racks. Fond Doux Plantation is close to nature and a journey back in time.

Balenbouche Estate & Heritage Site

Guesthouse and Organic farm (Link)

Formerly a sugar plantation, the 70 acre property has evolved into an organic farm, St. Lucia Heritage site and eco-lodge.
In addition to the guesthouse, Balenbouche offers guided tours of the plantation and historic buildings, and meals by reservation. The history of Balenbouche spans over 1500 years. A collection of artifacts, as well as rock basins and petroglyphs on the banks of the Balenbouche river, tell of the ancient Amerindian culture. The 18th century sugar mill was part of one of the most extensive operations in the south of the island.